ARC (Association of Related Churches) is an association of churches working with church planters, church leaders, and churches in transition to provide support, guidance and resources to launch and grow life-giving churches.

Trinity Church has a mission to help people discover God's plan for their destiny. Whether you've given up on church or been a Christian for years, Trinity is a great place to attend. It's located in Miami, FL. They are huge supporters of church planting and are investing in New Hope.

New Hope is an autonomous, self-governing church. However, our pastors are held locally accountable by a world-wide, reputable network of churches called the Assemblies of God. By issuing the credentials for our pastors, the moral, ethical, and theological standards of the pastoral staff are ensured for the partners and friends of New Hope. The Assemblies of God network is a loosely affiliated entity - a cooperative fellowship - which allows churches and ministers to pursue their individual expressions and purposes. For more information about this network of churches and ministers, check out the Assemblies of God.